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Public Comment Period

November 22, 2021 – December 23, 2021


The Chattanooga Housing Authority is accepting public comments on the following proposed amendments to the Housing Choice Voucher Administrative Plan.  Written comments should be submitted by close of business on December 23, 2021 at or mailed to Attn: CHA Public Comments, Chattanooga Housing Authority, 801 North Holtzclaw Avenue, Chattanooga, TN 37404.


Section VII(A)  Selection from the Waiting List Special Admissions


The CHA proposes to add the following language to this Section


14.  A family which has been approved for an Administrative Transfer by the Director of Housing Operations or his designee who is transferring out of a Low-Income Public Housing Unit, a Project Based Rental Assistance Unit, or a Project-Based Voucher Unit.


15. A family who seeks admission to the Samaritan House Apartments administered by the Council for Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services.


Attachment D Family Self-Sufficiency Policy & Action Plan




Should a client commit fraud and/or fail to report timely any change in household composition, income and/or assets, the client will forfeit any and all escrow monies deposited and interest earned.  The client may also be terminated from the FSS Program for a  CoP violation.


This is being changed from “the client will forfeit any and all escrow monies earned on such monies that relate to said incident.”



Section XVI   Compliance Investigations   B.  Repayment Agreements


  1.  If the tenant is in default of the repayment agreement (more than 30 days late on a payment), the repayment agreement is voided and the balance is due in full.  At the discretion of the Director of the Housing Choice Voucher Program and on a case by case basis, an extension may be granted. 


This is being changed from a default of 3 months late to 30 days.

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