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Chartered in 1938, the Chattanooga Housing Authority exists to provide safe, decent, affordable housing; while promoting those community service programs that encourage the education, personal development, and wealth building capabilities of the residents and participants we serve, in the most customer friendly, cost-effective manner.


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About the Chattanooga Housing Authority


The Chattanooga Housing Authority (CHA) opened our doors in 1938 to provide public housing and urban development programs to residents in Chattanooga and Hamilton County.


Our organization has a seven-member Board of Commissioners.  Commissioners are appointed by the Mayor of Chattanooga and are appointed to five-year terms.  The Executive Director of the CHA serves as Secretary to the Board and is responsible for our agency.  


We employ approximately 140 employees.


There are twelve active Resident Associations as well as a Citywide Resident Association.  Individual site leaders serve as members of our Resident Advisory Board and are very helpful in providing valuable input to our agency.  


Our major initiatives focus on family independence and home ownership.  We have 40 partner agencies that provide resident services on and off-site.  In addition, we are planning and pursuing tax credit development programs, long term strategic planning, updating units, energy conservation, and a premier housing initiative for those we serve.


Our agency provides approximately 3,568 Housing Choice Vouchers with housing and utility assistance that approach $15.4 million each year.


We have a proud history of providing almost $100,000,000 in urban renewal/ redevelopment projects.  Under state law, our agency is authorized to carry out public-purpose acquisition projects for the City of Chattanooga and Hamilton County, as requested.


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