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The Chattanooga
Housing Authority

Serving the greater Chattanooga Area since 1938

The Chattanooga Housing Authority (CHA), established in 1938, is a non-profit corporation executing public housing and urban development programs. Governed by a seven-member board appointed by the Chattanooga Mayor, CHA is administered by an Executive Director. The agency manages about 3,140 Housing Choice Vouchers, oversees numerous resident services and initiatives, and has completed nearly $100 million in urban renewal projects. Regular meetings and strategic initiatives contribute to its dynamic operation and community impact.


Board of Commissioners

Our organization has a seven-member Board of Commissioners.  Commissioners are appointed by the Mayor of Chattanooga and are appointed to five-year terms.  The Executive Director of the CHA serves as Secretary to the Board and is responsible for our agency.  

CHA Leadership Team

CHA's leadership team possesses extensive experience in affordable housing and is dedicated to offering superior housing solutions to its residents. They determine the strategic path for the organization and, through pioneering programs and initiatives, have made CHA a benchmark housing authority in the area.

Accounting Documents

Agency Documents and Records

Explore CHA's dedicated page for agency documents, providing easy access to essential materials like Budgets, the ACOP, Management Plans, Drafts, and Annual and Administrative Plans, along with audits. This centralized resource ensures transparency and allows stakeholders and the general public to stay informed about CHA's operations and strategic initiatives.

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