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Chattanooga Housing Authority Leadership Team

Betsy McCright22665_ppW.jpg

Elizabeth McCright

Executive Director

Elizabeth (“Betsy”) McCright has worked in the subsidized housing industry for over 30 years, having served as the Deputy Director of the Worcester, MA Housing Authority, the Executive Director of the Springfield, MA Housing Authority, and Executive Director of the Chattanooga Housing Authority for the past 16 years.

Tammie Carpenter21704_Wpp.jpg

Tammie Carpenter

Director of HCVP

As Director of the Chattanooga Housing Authority’s Housing Choice Voucher Program, Tammie Carpenter administers over 4,000 vouchers in Hamilton County Tennessee.

Curtis Lokey21974_pp.jpg

Curtis Lokey

Director of Finance

With over 23 years of experience at the CHA, Curtis Lokey has demonstrated a strong commitment to the organization and its financial operations, having administered a HOPE VI grant, and other HUD programs including Capital Funds, Resident Opportunity and Self-Sufficiency Programs, Family Self-Sufficiency Programs, and Low-Income Housing Tax Credit deals.

Joe Kelly21891_Wpp.jpg

Joe Kelly

General Counsel

Joe Kelly serves as the General Counsel for the Chattanooga Housing Authority (CHA), and provides advice to CHA’s executive staff, senior management and Board of Commissioners.

Jeremy Blaylock21868_Wpp.jpg

Jeremy Blaylock

Director of IT

Jeremy Blaylock joined the Chattanooga Housing Authority in 2007 and serves as the Director of Information Technology.  He is at the forefront of technological innovation, spearheading initiatives to enhance efficiency and service delivery within the organization.

Naveed Minhas21223_pp.jpg

Naveed Minhas

Director of Development

Naveed Minhas is the Director of Real Estate Development for the Chattanooga Housing Authority, and has over 50 years of design and construction experience ranging from bridges, buildings, power plants and heavy civil projects, to affordable housing. 

Mike Sabin21762_Wpp.jpg

Mike Sabin

Director of Housing Operations

Mike Sabin is the Director of Housing Operations at the Chattanooga Housing Authority (CHA).  The CHA’s portfolio consists of 2,732 units at 17 locations, managed by eight different site management teams. 

Katie Belcher21170_pp.jpg

Katie Belcher

Director of Human Resources

As Director of Human Resources, Katie Belcher develops and executes HR strategies that strive to achieve a positive and equitable work environment for the CHA, a nearly 170-person workforce.

Felix Vess22786_pp.jpg

Felix Vess

Police Chief

Chief Felix Vess joined the Chattanooga Housing Authority in 2002 as a criminal investigator for the newly created Police Department and in 2004, was appointed to the position of Police Chief for the Chattanooga Housing Authority Police Department.

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