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Chattanooga’s Westside is an established downtown community with over 2,000 residents. The neighborhoods in the community are home to young families and long-time residents. It is surrounded on all sides by downtown districts that are growing and changing. 

In order to plan for the future, it’s important to listen to those who live, work and play within the community.  Westside Community Evolves began with a planning process led by a community advisory group of Westside residents and stakeholders. The planning team worked closely with community residents beginning in September 2020 on creating a vision for the future of the neighborhood. The Westside Evolves plan lays out an ambitious 10+-year roadmap for equitable, sustainable, and holistic revitalization of the community and the families who live here. The work that lies ahead to make this vision a reality will rely on a network of dedicated partners, including residents, the City, educators, service providers, businesses and many others. Learn more about the neighborhood and Westside Evolves process on WDEF’s special feature below (February 2021).

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